gen|er|al1 [ `dʒen(ə)rəl ] adjective ***
▸ 1 not specific/detailed
▸ 2 relevant to most cases
▸ 3 true of whole of something
▸ 4 dealing with all of something
▸ 5 responsible for whole
1. ) not specific, exact, or detailed:
Could you just give us a general description of the work you do?
Her predictions are so general that they could apply to anybody.
in general terms: We are prepared to discuss the deal in general terms, but the details are confidential.
general idea: I'm probably not making myself very clear, but you get the general idea.
2. ) true for most people, things, or situations, or affecting most of them:
There was general agreement that the plan was too expensive.
The fighting could escalate into a more general war.
Family planning has now become general practice.
It's in the general interest that we should have a well-run health service.
as a general rule: As a general rule, shorter sentences are easier to understand.
3. ) only before noun used for describing the whole of something, without considering the details:
I get the general impression that they aren't very happy.
He has this general attitude of superiority toward his colleagues.
Your general physical condition seems remarkably good.
4. ) dealing with all areas of a subject or activity, rather than concentrating on a particular area:
a good general introduction to linguistics
the general reader/viewer (=someone who is not an expert): science programs that are accessible to the general viewer
general contractor/insurer: The building and plumbing work will be done by a general contractor.
5. ) used, especially in job titles, for saying that someone is responsible for the whole of something:
general manager/secretary: Peter Klimt is the new European general manager.
the general direction/area/location of something
an area near or toward something, though perhaps not at that exact place:
We were heading in the general direction of the ocean.
in general
1. ) in most situations or for most people:
In general, my view is that politicians who break the law should be punished.
I don't think people in general give much thought to the environment.
2. ) as a whole, without giving details:
In general, the standard of your work is very high.
gen|er|al 2 [ `dʒen(ə)rəl ] noun count **
an officer of high rank in the army, air force, or marines

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